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Mobile Flu Shot Clinic

for Businesses & Organizations 

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As a manager or business owner, the flu season can be tough on you. Cold and Flu season usually ramps up in October according to the Center for Disease and Control Prevention.


One sick employee can get an entire shift ill.  Leaving you with the chaos of finding someone to fill in and possibly having to pay over-time. 


To put it simply:

The Flu Costs Businesses Money Too!


Luckily we have a  healthy solution to flu season:

A Mobile Employee Flu Shot Immunization Clinic.


We come to your business and immunize your staff! 

We can schedule this at your company's convenience.

  • during a staff meeting

  •  during payday

  • extended lunch break

The choice is up to you based on your needs. 


Your staff won’t have to find time to make an appointment, take off work, and go to get their individual immunizations done (if at all).  They will love this time-saving opportunity you give them. Win-Win for all!  


Please fill out the form below and we will work together to get you scheduled and have your immunizations done by our compassionate healthcare team of Nurses & Pharmacists. 


We Impact Outcomes That Change Lives

Just a small group or an individual? Walk-Ins are Welcome at the Pharmacy anytime for a flu shot too. 


Quick & Easy, No Appointment Needed. 

Insurance and Cash Accepted

Manager & Owners,

Text 405-999-0949 to schedule today. 


Mobile Business Flu Shot Clinic For Companies
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