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5 Tips to Reduce Medication Error

Medications can get #overwhelming at times. Mistakes can be costly, even deadly. Below are a few quick tips to ensure you #health and #safety.


1. Always take #medicine as prescribed and directed. Don't forget to ready the labels and instructions for both over the counter and prescribed medications.

2. Enlist some help. If you are feel too overwhelmed, too out of sorts or just don't understand. Ask for help. Bring a friend or family member along too so they can assist you when you are away from the doctors and #pharmacists.

3. Keep medication in original packaging. It is easy to think you won't forget or can remember the oblong purple pill from the crimson red gel cap, but let's face it, we forget!

4. Have a routine. Take your pills at the same time every day during the same task. After you brush your teeth, before locking the front door at night, that way you don't have to think "Did I take my pills?"

5. #Download our #app to keep all your medications neatly in one place and at the palm of your hand. #TheresAnAppForThat

How To Download The App


1. Open the store on your mobile device and search for "PharmCap RX"

2. Download the free app, open it, and enter your name and one of your medication's RX numbers to login.

3. You are now ready to improve your capability of medication management and do so much more!


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