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Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinics

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Independent Pharmacists Are Stepping Out From Behind The Counter For Your Health

Regular flu season is quickly approaching us and we haven’t even made a dent in the Covid-19 numbers. This year’s regular flu shot will now become more important than in years past.

Immunizing yourself against flu strains A & B will help stop the panic and provide help in controlling the already overran healthcare system. Plus, the last thing you want is multiple touches of influenza this year or to not know what level of ill you may be feeling.

However, getting in to see your PCP may be harder this year than before, or perhaps you are taking socially distancing very seriously, and fear going to the doctor is more dangerous than not getting your flu shot.

We get it! We understand your concerns.

So this year, our pharmacy launched a new way to immunize yourself against the flu, shingles, and pneumonia with a low-contact DRIVE-THRU Immunization Clinic. We hope that this can ease the worries and decrease the spread of infections.

Our trusted pharmacy staff will collect your information and our pharmacists will administer the shots themselves. Patients will stay in the car and pull through. Since we are now powered by drugstore2door we have access to a wonderful platform to expedite the paperwork and process to make this

immunization clinic a full success.

(Pneumonia Immunizations will be available as well)

Drugstore2door is a wonderful new tool many independent pharmacies are using to help bring them into a very e-commerce heavy shopping world. We are proud that our pharmacy is powered by drugsgtore2door, it has allowed up to open doors to do bigger and better things, not just for our community but the surrounding ones as well.

RSVP to a clinic today at For a full list of drive-thru clinics by independent pharmacies go to the drugstore2door Facebook Page and check out the events tab.




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