What Over The Counter Products are Right for my Child?

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Parenting is hard! Being a new mom or dad is tough, but when your baby or young child is sick, it can be scary and overwhelming. Most of our Pharmacists are also parents! They truly understand the fears and stress, when your kid is sick, make sure you utilize the knowledge of your pharmacists. They have a vast understanding of OTC medications.

Caroline Johnson, is a 10 year pharmacists at The Medicine Shoppe in Shawnee, Oklahoma. She has been kind enough offer some insight with an Over The Counter tour for pediatric medication. In this video, she introduces herself and talks about the importance of Rx dosing. Take a look...

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The second video goes over pain in infants, teething for infants. There are many over the counter options here, and dosing is very important as well as formulas. Be sure to pay attention to the Children's vs Infant's formula when it comes to dosing.

Over the counter medications for Congestion & Cough

Over the Counter Medicine for Diaper Rash

Homeopathic Gripe Water

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