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How Can a Pharmacist, or Druggist Help You Live a Healthier Life?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Your local pharmacy plays a vital role in the healthcare system, although pharmacists are not formally recognized as a healthcare provider, they do help patients with their healthcare needs. A pharmacist, or druggist to some, does many tasks during the course of a single day to help patients reach their healthcare goals and allow them to live better, healthier lives. The mission at our pharmacies in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas is to impact the outcomes that will ultimately change the lives of our patients.

How do we do that from inside a pharmacy?

The first and most obvious way is by filling your prescriptions written by a healthcare practitioner, that could be your doctor, dentist, surgeon, or many other providers. I think it is no secret that you must visit a pharmacy to fill your prescription medication (or go here to order online from our pharmacies).

Pharmacists do much more than just fill your Rx. The druggist will verify the medication dosing is appropriate for your age, gender, race and based on your current health status. They will ensure any new medications added to your regimen do not interact negatively with other medications you currently take (so always have a current list of medications prescribed and taken over the counter) and if they do the pharmacy will call the practitioner to recommend a change or at least inform them of the potential issue.


We also like to save you money on your meds. Your local drug store will work with your healthcare provider to recommend lower-cost medications whenever the medication prescribed is too costly for you or your family members. Generics are often an option. At our pharmacies, you can rest assured that we will try everything within our power to make sure you have the medications needed to improve your health and make your life easier and better at the lowest cost available.

A less obvious way your local pharmacist or druggist helps you on your path to the best possible you is through something called adherence monitoring. This simply involves going through your medication lists and ensuring you are taking your medications daily and filling them on time based on the directions provided by your practitioner. Our pharmacies have implemented tools and programs to make it easier than ever to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor for your safety and health.

We have a program called DisPill that allows us to package all of your morning, noon, evening and bedtime medications into a simple blister card with the dates and times you are to take them. Come in today to ask us more about it as it involves synchronizing all of your medication to a single pick update each month. You can still be synchronized without utilizing the DisPill program as well and is another important tool we utilize at the pharmacy to help make your life easier. Learn more. This does not begin to describe all of the functions a pharmacist performs throughout the day to help make your life easier but it does touch on some of the most common methods used by your druggist to impact your healthcare. Our Pharmacies is here to serve you, your family, and your friends' healthcare needs through innovation and education, come see us today.


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