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Some Helpful Birth Control Info from Leah at My Local Clinic Home

So many birth control options... What is right for me?

Hey everyone! Let's talk about birth control! The good thing about birth control is that it's not only used for preventing pregnancy. It can be used for cramps, acne, endometriosis, regulation of irregular periods, and other things as well. The other good thing is that there are multiple options available to you. So today I am going to discuss some of the more common options of birth control and just want to remind you, because every woman is different, be sure you have an open and honest conversation with your provider to choose the best birth control that is right for you.

The Pill

The #pill is probably the most common type of birth control. It contains both estrogen and progesterone hormones, and it's generally a good idea for someone who doesn't smoke, have a clotting disorder, heart disease, undiagnosed bleeding. And you have to remember to take the pill every day at the same time. It's inexpensive, it's not invasive, and if you decide that you do want to get pregnant, you can stop taking your birth control pill and have the ability to get pregnant right away. There's no delayed return to fertility.

The "Mini" Pill #minipill

The other type of pill is called the "mini" pill. I really only recommend this for postpartum women and breastfeeding women. In order to be effective, it really needs to be taken at the exact same time every single day. And you do not want to miss a dose. So if you're not a postpartum breastfeeding female, there's likely a better option for you.

Depo Provera #depoprovera

Depo Provera is a type of birth control that's injectable so this is an injection that goes into your muscles and your receive it every three months. It's a good option for short term birth control but it does have some side effects. It can increase the risk of bone loss and it can decrease your bone density. So it's not recommended to be used for more than two years. Now, the biggest drawback with Depo Provera is it has a very long delayed return to fertility. Meaning that it can take over twelve months to even become fertile for a chance to get pregnant after you stop the injection. For some women this is great because they don't want children, but if you do wish for a family one day or in the near future, you need to take that into consideration and probably think about a different method of birth control.

IUD #iud

Then we have IUDs. These are intrauterine devices. They're a good option for women who've already had children and want a long term method of birth control. It's another type you can just forget about. Now, there's a few different kinds. Some are hormonal, some are not. And depending on the type you use, they last anywhere from three years to ten years. Now these are a little bit more invasive and requires a small procedure to get inserted and removed. But it's usually worth it in the long run if you want a "forget it" type of birth control.

Nexplanon #nexplanon

Another common option is Nexplanon. So this is a rod that's inserted into your arm and there is only one hormone in it. It's progesterone. It lasts for three years and it's a good option for young women who can't swallow pills or someone who forgets to take their medication everyday or simply a women who wants something that they can forget about and still prevent pregnancy.

NuvaRing #nuvaring

The NuvaRing is another type of birth control. Not quite as common, but some women like it and it is good and effective. So, this is a hormonal ring that you insert into your vagina and you wear it for three weeks. After the third week, you remove it and you have your menstrual cycle. So this is another type of "leave it and forget it" type of birth control, but it's just a little bit more short term. Now, you have to be comfortable inserting and removing the NuvaRing, which can be uncomfortable for some women. So this option really just depends on what you're comfortable with.

Condoms #condooms

Lastly we've got condoms. These are a cheap and easy accessible form of birth control. The failure rate with condoms is high, so this is definitely not a fail proof method of preventing pregnancy. They are non hormonal and no prescription is needed, which is why they are really common.

Remember, all of these birth control options have different side effects and different failure rates. Your choice should be really individualized after a discussion with your healthcare provider. So if you need help or have any questions, come into My Local Clinic Home and we'll get you taken care of.

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