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How Do I Organize My Pills??

Updated: May 21, 2020

How to Organize Meds

Q. How can I keep track of all the pills I take?


First try a daily pill organizer that has two rows, one for day and one for night. If you take multiple doses daily - we would love to introduce you to Dispill.

You may have heard of something called blister packs or pill-pack online. Well, we offer a program called Dispill right here at your drug store. This is a presorted calendar like medication packaging that is color-coded. On the packaging is a list of your prescriptions and description to help identity the pill.

Dispill brings great peace of mind, using Dispill should help cut down on medication errors and mix-ups. Your pills are sorted and sealed, we coordinate with your insurance company, syncing up multiple prescriptions so they are all filled at the same date and time. That is one trip to the local pharmacy a month (or have it delivered). The time of fumbling with pill bottles and instructions that are hard to understand is over. It is time to GO DISPILL!!!Sign up now!



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