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Drug - Induced Nutrient Depletion

Are you diabetic or suffer from chronic heart problems? Do you think your medications leave you exhausted, weak, or out of wack? They just might.

weak from medication

Do you take an Rx for diabetes, heart issues, anti-inflammatory problems, antibiotics, anti-depressants or other similar problems? If yes, then you may be at risk.

You have probably heard of Nutrient Deficiency. But did you know that your medications can cause drug-induced nutrient depletion? That is when your prescription medications might block or deplete daily needed nutrients to help you focus, calm, energized, and more. Unfortunately, most medications have the potential to deplete the nutrients we need to function at 100%. A conversation with you pharmacists can help you know what you need to help fight nutrient depletion to be a stronger, more alert you!

Is your medication on the list?

Our friends at DrugStore2Door have created a list to help you fight nutrient depletion via the help of over the counter options of vitamins, supplements, & superfoods.


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