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In House Patient Loyalty Program

How can we save you time + money?

Our priority is to keep you safe & healthy. Our passion is to exceed any pharmacy experience you may have had. As an independent pharmacy, we have the ability to work with you one on one to make your drugstore experience something you will brag about. We are so confident that you will love us, we even have a referral program put in place.

The first thing we would like to help you with is finances. We know many of our customers are on a fixed income, and we also know MEDICINE is NOT CHEAP. We empathize with those who struggle to pay for life-saving prescriptions. We pride ourselves to understand medication alternatives, the ever-changing insurance terms, and to hols strong working relationships with providers within our communities. With secure networking and vast knowledge, we can work diligently to find you the most safe and cost-effective approach to your Rx.

Next, we will work swiftly to save you time. Time is essential, we will take as little as possible. Our online system, drugstore2door is an amazing tool to track your Rx, just like you would a pizza. At drugstore2door our patients have a dashboard with all their prescriptions available at their fingertips. Through this website, a person can order a new Rx, refill an existing Rx, and/or purchase over the counter medications. Not matter if you chose to pick up or have delivered you can track your order throughout the fulfillment process. We love it when you visit us, but we understand if you need to save even more time to spend it with friends and family. We deliver to both residential areas and places of business to fit your needs.

Dispill is a service we provide to our patients who have daily multi pill doses prescribed by their doctor. This is a color-coded calendar like bubble packing with your daily doses for the morning, noon, evening, and night. We love this for people who find medication management overwhelming, easily lose track, or just simply want to save time. Caregivers and home health workers find this to be one of the best tools on the market. It just makes life easier!

For our diabetic patients, we offer no-cost testing supplies. We know the medication alone is expensive enough, and many people do not test just so they can save money to eat. Testing is imperative to appropriate dosing, so we provide these items at zero costs, just so we know you are testing as needed before you administer your Rx. Like we said before, your safety is our priority.

Another measure we take to ensure a healthy community is no-cost vitamins for both seniors and children. Every month we will provide kids under 12 and seniors over 55 with a multi-vitamin. Multivitamins are essential to boost immunity and overall health.

We love our communities and cherish our patients. We highly encourage you to look at independent pharmacy to help you with all your drugstore needs.




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