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Meet Your Pharmacist Angela

Meet Angela.

Angela is our #Pharmacist at the Nichols Hills Drug location and one of the newest members to the My Local Pharmacy Home team. As described by her coworkers, she has a top notch ‘go get em’ attitude with the proven results behind her and, she is very sweet and kind.

How did Angela become a pharmacist?

“I always knew I wanted a career in the #medical field, just wasn’t sure exactly where. I had a friend in college that mentioned that she saw #pharmacy as a great fit for me, so I decided to check it out. I shadowed a local pharmacist as well as spent some time as a #technician and soon knew that this was the #career path I wanted to take. I enjoyed that being a pharmacist allowed the ability to make personal relationships with patients while helping them achieve their health goals.”

What does Angela love about being a pharmacist?

“When I can help make someone’s day easier. Planning trips to the doctor and taking off work is hard enough, I love making the process less stressful. Being sick is NO FUN!”

Seems to me, she was meant be be a promoter of health and customer service.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that her favorite holiday is Christmas. It goes perfect with her joyous personality. Angela finds Christmas Eve Service and looking at Christmas lights with her family to be of great tradition and what makes Christmas so great for her.

When you can’t find her in the Nichols Hills or Blanchard location, you can find her listening to country music, enjoying #quality time outdoors with friends or spending time with her BFF since college, Ella. Ella is multi-mixed breed dog rescue from the Humane Society.

So come by Nichols Hills Drug and say hello to Angela, I promise, her infectious smile will brighten your day (not to mention she has the most pearly whites I have ever seen). While you’re here, see if she will show you a picture of Ella, and see if you can guess her breed!


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